Our Journey


First Position Australia is a visionary offering from Deborah Bacon and Katrina Riley. Veterans of the dance world, Deborah and Katrina first met in ballet class aged 4 and have shared the challenges and joys of a life in dance since.

Together, they have designed a brilliant, highly structured yet intuitive professional program which will engage dancers as they are, giving them every aspect of training to enable them to develop to their full potential, delivering dancers at graduation prepared for the demands of the real world.

We believe that all dancers have the potential to be exceptional, if they are nurtured and understood. The difference between a dancer and a technician comes from within and when witnessed, is unmistakable. The First Position approach is designed to bring out this quality: the joyful authenticity of the dancer.

First Position Professional Program students receive both the very best in rigorous dance training and tuition, complemented with a full spectrum of holistic support: regular psychological consultations; the guidance of professional dieticians and coaching from grooming and etiquette specialists who train students in best social practice.

Our dancers receive every opportunity to start their professional lives with clarity and glorious vision. All students have the opportunity to travel, to audition, to compete. They will arrive in the professional arena in the best position to audition for leading international schools, companies and scholarships.

Start in First Position. Train with us.